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Section - A


Verbal Ability


Directions for questions 1 to 5 : Given below are some words followed by four options. Choose the option which is congruous in meaning to the given word.



a. enthusiastic endeavour                     b. uncontrollable outburst
c. extreme fear                                   d. paralysis



a. Detestable           b. Harsh                        c. Abominable                  d. Flawless



a. revoke                b. cancel                        c. abrogate                     d. annul



a. democracy           b. restructuring               c. friendliness                  d. openness



a. froth                   b. empty compliments     c. decorative border         d. shudder

Directions for questions 6 to 10: Given below are some words followed by four options. Choose the option which is incongruous to the given word.



a. soothe                b. torment                      c. plague                        d. discontinue



a. curse                  b. divine                         c. plague                       d. hex



a. agile                   b. lethargic                    c. stoical                         d. impas



a. stubborn             b. adamant                    c. docile                         d. stead fast



a. dissect                 b. eliminate                   c. disjoin                       d. differentiate

Directions for questions 11 to  15 : Given below are some word-pairs. Each word-pair bears a certain relationship. Choose the word-pair which has a similar relationship as the one given in capitals.



a. Ameliorate : Compassionate       b. Conciliate : Flexible

c. Exacerbate : Optimistic               d. Iterate : Hopeful



a. Tranquil : Cacophonous              b. Cathartic : Impetuous

c. Perennial : Eternal                      d. Fitful : Soporific  



a. Caulk : Leak                             b. Polish : Shine

      c. Burnish : Dull                            d. Irritate : Soothe


a. Adjudge : Criterion                    b. Terminate : Meeting

c. Abrogate : Right                        d. Derive : Law



a. Foster : Child                            b. Ostracize : Pariah
c. Embroil : Argument                   d. Attenuate : Signal

Directions for questions 16 to 20 : Each of the sentences given below has two blanks. Choose the most appropriate word-pair from the given options to fill in the blanks.


A __________ characteristic of this year’s monsoon has been that the rainfall activity has been ______ towards the second half, rather than the first half

a.       Meteorological, more
b.       Peculiar, concentrated
c.       Natural, bent
d.       Mysterious, raining


One of the reasons for not declaring it a drought at the outset is the fact that the country has ______ quantity of food grain in ___________.

  a.       ample, granary
  b.       surplus, drought
  c.       enough, store
  d.        sufficient, stock


Based on preliminary figures, which officials say do not alter much even after the final data is _________ and remains within the 2 percent tolerance limit specified, it is a _______ monsoon they declared .

  1. collated, deficient

  2. cogitated, meager

  3. interpolated, failed  

  4. verified, diverted


This season, not only did rain start a fortnight _______, it was scattered and _________ till mid – July

  1. lately, parched

  2. late, dried

  3. later, scanty

  4. latter, evaporated


In the event of a _____ or even scanty rainfall season, July remains the ______ month in most of India

  1. normal, wettest

  2. heavy, wet

  3. average, damped

  4. usual, drenched

Directions for questions 21 to 25: Sentences given below are divided into four parts which may or may not contain an error. Mark the part which contains the error as answer.


An Indian born plastic surgeon / has been suspended for an year / after he falsely                   (A)                                            (B)
claimed that his sister / was killed in the September 11 attacks.

                              (C)                                       (D)


The monsoon session of parliament ended abruptly today / two days ahead schedule/                                   (A)                                                      (B)
with the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha / being adjourned sine die by the presiding officers.
                             (C)                                                (D)


Elections are meant / to find out from the voters / which sets of rulers they want / at a                (A)                                (B)                                (C)
particular time.


Information about assets / and liabilities of a candidate / his spouse and defendants /
                  (A)                                   (B)                                         (C)
are relevant.


The centre has already / released Rs. 1200 crores / in two installments / from the
             (A)                                      (B)                                (C)
calamity relief fund.

Directions for questions 26 to 30 : Sequence the sentences to form a coherent passage. Choose the best option which suggests the correct sequence.



A)   Now it turns out that India’s huge population and its genetic diversity is making a 
      fertile ground for conducting clinical trials.

B)   It is now accepted that it was India’s ability to supply inexpensive, educated people in 
      large numbers that allowed it to cash on the software service boom.

C)  Of course the government will need to put in place a strong regulatory framework to 
      minimize abuse.

D)  The same factor is now powering the ITES boom.

     a. DCAB                       b. BADC               c. BACD               d. CABD


A)    Indian Airlines earns a third of its revenues from international operations now.

B)    But Air India and Indian Airlines might incur losses if other carriers are allowed to fly 
       the Gulf and South – east Asian routes.

C)    This implies that a Jet, Air Sahara or even an Indian Airlines with a Lufthansa or a   
        British Airways can fly passengers directly from Chandigarh to Frankfurt or London.

D)    The proposal is to permit domestic airlines to provide international connection should 
        the economics work out.

     a. DABC               b. ABCD               c. DCBA               d. ADCB


A)    The poor economic condition of the last two years have left both shareholders and 
       average employees feeling considerable pain.

B)    C.E.O compensation has always been a hotly debated topic in the U.S.

C)    And the fact that Indian CEOs have refused to share that pain as evidenced by their 
       compensation package hikes, has let to much bitterness.

D)    Of late the debate has spread to India.

      a. ABCD               b. ADCB               c. BADC               d. BDAC


A)   Let no one take away the role of the Election Commission.

B)    Faced with overwhelming odds, the Commission under J.M. Lyngdoh has achieved the 

C)   The credit for this singular achievement ultimately belongs to the people of Kashmir.

D)    No matter who forms the next government in Srinagar, the real winner is peace and 

     a. ABCD                       b. ADCB               c. CDAB               d. DCAB


A)    It is often said that south of the Vindhyas, India could be another country.

B)    But the transformation is as much cultural as geographical.

C)    The south is streets ahead, whether in literacy and socio-economic indices or even in 
        terms of accepted behaviour.

D)    The average citizen in these parts displays little of the trademark northern aggression.

E)     As one travels southwards, the landscape changes.

     a. AEBDC             b. AEBCD             c. AEDCB             d. EABDC