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General Knowledge

Directions for questions 121 to 150 : Choose the correct answer
121. In which one of these places is India’s Rocket engine testing facility located?

a. ISRO, Bangalore

b. Vikram Sarabhai Space center, Tiruvananthapuram

c. Satish Dhawan Space center, Sriharikota

d. Mahendragiri, Tamilnadu


What is true of the term “bank rate”?

i.  the rate of interest at which banks lend money

ii. the rate of interest which a bank pays to its depositors

iii.a bank rate is determined by RBI

          a. only i        b. only ii           c. i, ii, iii                        d. none of these
123. The Supersonic passenger aircraft ‘Concord’ is operated by which of these Airlines

a. United Airlines and American Airlines

b. Lufthansa and Quantas

c. Air France and KLM

d. Air France and British Airways

124. The male potent drug VIAGRA has been developed by which of these companies?

       a. Pfizer                

       b. Bayer    

       c. Novartis             

       d. Glaxo

125. In which business is Thomas Cook involved?

a.  Manufacturing Table salt

b.  Travel and Tourism

c.  International Trade

d.  Shipping

126. What do you understand by the term “Go – Go period”?

a.  It’s a period when many industries close down

b.  It’s a period when many workers are laid off

c.  It’s a period when companies stop production to reorganize

d.  It’s a period when people make a lot of money in business and companies are 

127. Which of these companies uses this punch-line: “we make life good”?

a.  Philips

b.  General Electric

c.  Lucky Gold

d.  Voltas

128. The term “ Simputer” means

a.  a low cost portable computer

b.  a simplified super computer

c.  an IBM think-pad

d.  Microsoft Note-pad

129. Seeds can be best preserved in

a.  cool and dry conditions

b.  cool and wet conditions

c.  hot and dry conditions

d.  hot and wet conditions

130. “Amnesia” is related to the loss of

a.  hearing
b.  memory
c.  sleep
d.  appetite

131. For instant energy, an athlete should take

a.  Sucrose

b.  Vitamin C

c.  Sodium Chloride

d.  Milk


Which of the following is not an inert gas?

a. Helium

b. Neon

c. Freon

d. Xenon


The Steroid which was used by Sunita Rani in the Busan Asian Games for which she was stripped off her medals is

a. nondronal

b. progesterone

c. testosterone

d. cartisone


The founder-director of the LCA project who was recently appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad is

a.  Prof. U.V. Rao

          b.  Kota Hari Narayan

          c.  Air Marshal H.A. Latif

          d.  Prof. M.G.K. Menon

135. Devaluation of currency helps to promote

          a.  National Income

          b.  Savings

          c.  Exports

          d.  Imports at lower costs

136. Find the odd man out

          a.  Schumacher

          b.  Rudolf Diesel

          c.  Chandra Sekhar

          d.  Goddard

137. The first governor ever to be dismissed by the President of India was

a.  Philips

b.  General Electric

c.  Lucky Gold

d.  Voltas

138. The Indian Administrative Service and the Police service have been created by the

          a.  Union Home Ministry

          b.  Union Public Service Commission

          c.  Union Parliament

          d.  Constitution of India

139. Who was the last Mughal Emperor?

          a.  Shah Alam II

          b.  Akbar II

          c.  Bahadur Shah II

          d.  Ahmed Shah

140. Which of these are the oldest mountains in India?

          a. The Aravali Mountains

          b. The Vindhya Mountains

          c. The Himalayas

          d.  The Kasi Hills

141. “Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism”. These words are said by:

         a.  The President, G.W. Bush

         b.  Robert Blackwell

         c.  L.K.Advani

         d. Antony Blair


Which of these is the largest manufacturer of memory chips in the world?

         a. SAMSUNG

         b. INTEL

         c. IBM

         d. SONY


The Indian Railways has decided to incorporate this change in the Railway Locos to increase the efficiency of its drivers

         a. It has proposed to reduce the driving hours

         b. It has proposed to air-condition the drivers’ cabins

         c. It has proposed to provide the drivers with night vision glasses

         d. None of these


The radioactive mineral that is found on the beaches of Kerala and used as a nuclear fuel is

         a. Thorium

         b. Uranium

         c. Plutonium

         d. Polonium


Who was the first Indian to claim a hat-trick in test cricket?

          a. Harbajan Singh

          b. B.S. Chandrasekhar

          c. Chetan Sharma

          d. Anil Kumble

146. Nelson Mandela, winner of the Gandhi peace prize 2000, donated the prize money to

         a.  Victims of Somalia

         b.  The Black people, below the poverty line in South Africa

         c.  To the Gujarat quake victims

         d.  To the people of Afghanistan


Which of these Indian writers is recently awarded ‘The Knight of The Order of Arts and Letters’ by the French government?

        a.   Mulkraj Anand

        b.   Arundhati Roy

        c.   Kushwanth Singh

        d.   Seethakanth Mahapatra


“Golden Rice” has which of these following qualities?

       a.   It even grows in mountainous regions

       b.   It grows without using any fertilizer

       c.   It is resistant to all pests and plant diseases

       d.   It is rich in Vitamin A


The runners up in the recently concluded world cup chess at Hyderabad were

       a.   Kramnik and Kournicova

       b.   Rusam Kahindozohnav and Stefanova Antonita

       c.   Viswanath Anand and Yuyuhue

       d.   Ponamarov and Koneru Hampi

150. Which of these banks is promoted by the Hinduja Group?

       a.   Centurian Bank

       b.   Indus Ind Bank

       c.   HDFC Bank

       d.   Federal Bank