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Verbal Ability

Section – IV

Directions for questions 151 to 161 : Given below are some sentences with two blanks each, followed by  options. Choose the most appropriate word-pair.


The _____ was that the cheaper the ________ rate the better it is for the industry.

a. hope…… tax

b. logic……interest

c. assumption ….consumption

d. belief ……… depreciation.


Chances are that your -------- income from investments will get -------.

a. additional …..squeezed

b. aggregate……cancelled

c. future ……postponed

d. unearned….. credited


The government has to increase its -------- to meet the -------- expenditure.

a. budget ….. decreasing

b. base …… emerging

c. credibility….. soaring

d. revenue …… galloping


Under the act, ------ gains tax is ------- on both long term and short term gains.

a. lottery…. charged

b. property …. calculated

c. bonus ….. deducted

d. capital …. levied


The ------ can also decide whether the interest should be ------ or annual.

a. customer…. monthly

b. investor……cumulative

c. officer ….. seasonal

d. bank …. occasional


Stock markets may yield good ---------, but --------- is far greater.

a. returns……risk

b. results……fluctuation

c. profits…… scarcity

d. savings …… liability


The true test of civilization is not the census, not the size of cities nor the crops, but the kind of ________ the country ________ out.

a. governance…….brings             

b. resources…….takes                

c. man…….turns

d. society, transforms


People learn something everyday, and a lot of times it’s that what they _______ the day before was _______.

a. learnt……..wrong                     

b. knew……..inappropriate                     

c. said…….nonsense

d. dd. discussed…….inaccurate


You You can’t expect a person to see eye to eye with you when you are _____ on him.

a. looking….down                       

b. putting……blame                   

c. heaping…….praises

d. showering…….accusations


One must submit to a __________ of private liberty in order that one may enjoy a social order,  which makes one’s liberty a ______.

a. reduction…..fact        

b. limitation…..success              

c. curb…..symbol

d. curtailment……reality


We may think that our thoughts are only for _______, but unconsciously they _________ other lives, richly or adversely.

a. action…….influence      

b. ourselves…….influence             

c. meditation…….help

d. spirituality……..affect

Directions for questions 162  to 171 :  Choose the word-pair which has  similar relationship to  the word-pair given:

162. Orator : Speech : : 

a. cooker : food

b. onlooker : look

c. singer : song

d. error: mistake


Ring : Finger: :

a. Handcuff : Hand

b. Bangle: Arm

c. Shoe : Foot

d. Belt : Buckle


Throw : drop : : 

a. Catch : Hold

b. Get : Contain

c. Retain : Discard

d. Jump : Fall


Learn : Education : : 

a. Practice : Skill

b. Remember: Amnesia

c. Sleep : Insomnia

d. Teach : Profession


Convalescence : Recovery : :

a. Operation : Surgery

b. Hospital : Hospitalization

c. Paralysis : Stroke

d. Wound : Inflammation


Desecrate : Holy 

a. Despoil : Beautiful
b. Beautify : Ugly
c. Glamorize : Rich
d. Damage : Corporeal
e. Improve : Dull


Virtuoso  : Accomplished

a. Aesthete : Austere
b. Servant : Servile
c. Hedonist : Pretentious
d. Priest : Orthodox
e. Philanthropist : Generous 


Authoritarian : Strict

a. Fallacious : Fraught
b. Fastidious : Particular
c. Exemplary : Arrogant
d. Apprehensive : Eager
e. Neutral : Objective 


Homogenous : Kind 

a. Fast : Speed
b. Suspicious : Origin
c. Diverse : Route
d. Contemporary : Time
e. Disparate : Place 


Conspicuous : Visible

a. Sensual : Audible
b. Irrevocable : Changed
c. Elastic : Stretched
d. Ignominious : Denounced
e. Sensitive : Felt

Directions  for questions 172 to 180 : Given below are some words followed by  options. Choose the word which is congruous to the word given in capitals.

172. CRANKY 

a. noisy

b. brief

c. entangled

d. eccentric



a. include

b. attribute

c. Ignore

d. Dispute



a. postpone

b. modernize

c. lapse

d. restore



a. chatter

b. scatter

c. batter

d. tatter

176. PROD

a. secure

b. endow

c. poke

d. growl



a. predecessor

b. advocate

c. conspirator

d. informer



a. strategy     

b. scheme      

c. design       

d. chance



a. opportune   

b. belated             

c. slow             

d. overdue



a. scurry        

b. dawdle       

c. linger   

d. loiter

Directions for questions 181 to  189 : Given below are some words  followed by  options. Choose the word which is antonymous to the word given in capitals:


a. sharp

b. diffuse

c. pointed

d. acute



a. wornout

b. exhausted

c. fresh

d. depleted



a. obvious

b. convealed

c. transparent

d. showy



a. rejoice

b. repose

c. repent

d. mourn



a. argument

b. pacification

c. debate

d. quarrel



a. strange

b. familiar

c. noisy

d. normal



a. economical

b. ecclesiastical

c. social

d. celestial



a. cosmetic

b. artificial

c. plastic

d. natural



a. undecided

b. evergreen

c. perenomial

d. annual

Directions for questions 190 to 219 : Given below are some sentences. A part of each sentence is underlined which may contain an error. Replace the underlined part with the right choice:

190. I couldn’t control my anger because he came latter than I expected. 

a. later than I expected

b. more late than I expected

c. more late than he expected

d. latter than he expected

191. He said that he is angry with us because we did not applaud his speech.

a. He said that he has been angry.

b. He said that he was angry

c. He said that he had been angry.

d. He said that he is angry.

192. The BCCI has arranged a grand reception for the cricket team who returned home after winning the Sharja  tournament.

a. who will be returning home after winning

b. who returned to home after winning

c. who returned home after winning

d. who had returned home after winning.

193. Of these two books which is the least costly

a. which one is the least costly

b. which is least costly one

c. which is less costly

d. which one less cost

194. He is used to copy in the examination

a. He is accustomed to copy

b. He is habituated to copy

c. He is used to copying

d. No change

195. This rule is of the most universal application

a. most universal application

b. the more universal application

c. Universal application

d. the universal application

196. For John as well as for Rico sake I did this

a. For John as well as for Rico

b. For John’s as well as for Rico’s sake

c. In John as well as for Rico’s sake

d. For John and Rico’s sake

197. Besides Betty and I who else was present

a. Beside Betty and I

b. Beside Betty and me

c. Besides Betty and me

d. Beside me and Betty

198. If I am a king I would give this order

a. If I was a king

b. If I were a king

c. If I being a king

d. If I are a king

199. I prefer tea than coffee

a.  tea to coffee

b.  tea and coffee

c.  the tea and the coffee

d.  both tea and coffee

200. A body of volunteers have been organized

a.  A body of volunteer are

b.  A body of  volunteer has been

c.  A body of volunteers were

d.  The volunteers are

201. Whatever his intention may be he should consider than properly

a.  he would considers them properly

b.  he should consider it properly

c.  he should considers them properly

d.  he considers them properly

202. You are a great deal more sociable than him

a.  more sociable than he is

b.  more sociable than him

c.  more social than he

d.  No change 

203. He had not scarcely entered when I shouted 

a.  scarcely entered when

b.  scarcely entered than

c.  not hardly entered when

d.  scarcely enters

204. He is nothing else than a dishonest fellow,

a.  nothing else lest a dishonest

b.  nothing else than a dishonest

c.  nothing else except a dishonest

d.  nothing but  dishonest

205. Despite his age his skill at tennis is good

a.  Despite of his age his tennis

b.  Despite his age his skill of tennis

c.  Despite his age his skill in tennis

d.  No change

206.  I cannot avoid to go there

a.  avoid going

b.  avoid in going

c.  avoid of going

d.  No change

207. Only a coward will give in

a.  give out

b.  give for

c.  give away

d.  No change

208. Between he and I, this is a secret

a.  Between he and me

b.  Between me and he

c.  Between him and me

d.  Between him and I

209. My car is different and superior to yours

a. different from and superior to yours

b. different and superior than yours

c. different from and superior than yours

d. different and superior to yours

210. Your conduct does not admit any excuse

a. accept any excuse

b. admit of any excuse

c. admit in any excuse

d. admit excuse

211. The child closely resembles to his mother

a.  resembles his mother

b.  resemble mother

c.  resemble with his mother

d.  resembles to mother

212. Gandhi sided with the honest

a.  sided the honest

b.  sided with the honest

c.  sided by the honest

d.  No change

213. She is wearing the new hat

a.  new hat

b.  a new hat

c.  a hat new

d.  in new hat

214. Swetha has eaten few bad fish

a. bad fish

b. some bad fish

c. little bad fish

d. more bad fish

215. I prefer apples than oranges

a. apples or oranges

b. apples and oranges

c. apples to oranges

d. apples of oranges

216. Mount Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps

a.  a higher mountain in the Alps

b.  a highest mountain on a Alps

c.  the highest mount of the Alps

d.  No change

217.  The state pays pension of old people

a.   pensions to old people

b.   pensions at old people

c.   pensions for the old

d.   pensions to people

218. I was speaking with him just now

a.   on him just now

b.   to him just now

c.   for him just now

d.   him just now

219. Somebody turned to the radio

a.   somebody turned for

b.   somebody turned in

c.   somebody turned off

d.   somebody turned of

Directions for questions 220 to  225 : Given below are sentences which when arranged logically form a coherent passage. Choose the option which gives the correct sequence:


A. Just identify the various areas of your like and the two or three important    

B.  If you don’t yet have a personal mission statement, it is a good place to begin.

C.  Roles and goals give structure and organized direction to your personal mission.

D. This gives you an overall perspective of your life and a sense of direction.

a) CBAD               b) BACD          c) DCAB            d) ADBC   

A. They are often popular with others, they are usually right in front of us.

B. Urgent matters are usually visible.

C. And often they are pleasant, easy, fun to do, but so often they are unimportant.

D. They press on us; they insist on action.

a) BDAC               b) CABD           c) ABDC            d) DCBA

A. Law is based on an adversarial concept.

B. It provides survival, but it doesn’t create synergy.

C. At best it results in compromise.

D. Certainly we need law or else society will deteriorate

a) BDAC               b) CBAD           c) DBCA             d) ACBD

A.  You have to build the skill of empathic listening on a base of character that     
inspires openness and trust.

B.  So if you want to be really effective in the habit of interpersonal 
     communication, you cannot do it with technique alone.

C.  And you have to build the Emotional Bank Accounts that create a commerce 
     between hearts.

D.  Unless you are influenced by my uniqueness, I’m not going to be influenced by 
     your advice.

a) ACBD               b) DBAC             c) CADB             d) BDAC

A. They don’t realize that the very strength of the relationship is in having another   
     point of view.

B. Insecure people think that all reality should be amenable to their paradigms.

C. Sameness is not oneness; uniformity is not unity.

D. They have a high need to clone others, to mould them over into their own 

a) DACB               b) CDBA              c) ACBD               d) BDAC

A. And how much does that reflection influence their lives?

B. The more we can see people in terms of their unseen potential, the more we can 
    use our imagination rather than our memory

C. What do we reflect to others about ourselves?

D. We have so much we can invest in the Emotional Bank Accounts of other people.

a) CADB                b) BACD              c) ACBD                  d) DBCA

Directions for questions 226 to 235: Given below are some phrases followed by options. Choose the most appropriate words or phrases that are equivalent in meaning to the above phrase: 

226.  Airs and graces

a.       vanity

b.       fairies

c.       servicing

d.       prayers

227.  Under a cloud

a.       in the shade

b.       wet

c.       suspected of wrong doing

d.       hopeful

228. Fight tooth and nail

a.       bite and scratch your enemy

b.       make a determined effort

c.       inflict equal damage

d.       pull out enemy’s teeth and nails

229. Eat out of somebody’s hand

a.       take advantage of generosity

b.       depend on charity

c.       hurt a benefactor

d.       trust somebody and be willing to obey

230. Three of the following four items are alike in a certain way and can be grouped together. Which item cannot be grouped with the other three?

a.       photograph

b.       painting

c.       statue

d.       cartoon

231. Three of the following four are alike in a certain ‘way’. Which one is not like the other three?

a.       diary

b.       calendar

c.       planner

d.       purse

232.  Three of the following four are alike in a certain ‘way’. Which one is not like the other three?

a.       preacher

b.       professor

c.       lecturer

d.       teacher

233. Which of the following four pairs shows the same relationship between its two elements as between ‘jewellery: wealth’?

a.       Spectacles : Learning

b.       Turban : Piety

c.       Stethoscope : Sailing

d.       Boomerang : Royalty

234. Sorrow : Tears : : Fatigue : ?

a.       Blood

b.       Lymph

c.       Perspiration

d.       Catarrh

235.  Pilot is related to aircraft in the same way as chauffeur is related to 

a.       Kitchenette

b.       Restaurant

c.       Car

d.       Cargo

Directions for questions 236 to 240 : Given below are some statements. Each statement is followed by two assumptions 1 and 2. 


‘a’, if only 1 is implicit

                                 b’ if only 2 is implicit

                                 ‘c’ if either 1 or 2 is implicit

                                 ‘d’ if neither 1 nor 2 is implicit

                                  ‘e’ if both 1 and 2 are implicit

236. Statement: Ninety people die every hour in India because of cancer caused by tobacco consumption.


1. Cancer patients do not get proper treatment

2. The tobacco industry is negligent.

237. Statement: Telephone calls have become cheaper.


1. More  people make telephone calls now.

2. Telephone is no longer a status symbol.

238. Statement: Everybody loves watching TV soaps.


1.    All have TV sets.

2.    Soaps are good entertainment.


Which of the following will be the correct way of  writing ‘CLANDESTINE’   if the third, middle and ninth letters of the words are written in lower case and all other letters written in upper case? 

a.       ClANDESTiNe

b.       CLaNdeSTINE

c.       CLaNDeSTiNE

d.       CLaNDeSTInE

240.  Which of the following collections of letters will look the same in a mirror?

a.       TYOMOYW

b.       WINTOMT

c.       MIWOWIM

d.       HOSYWTH

Directions for questions 241 to 270 : Read the passages given below carefully and answer the questions that follow:


The Bush Administration may be unsure about Saddam Hussein, but it has already decided how to go after alleged evildoers in Big Business – with guns blazing. “If you’re a CEO and you think you can fudge the books in order to make yourself look better, we’re going to find you, we’re going to arrest you and we’re going to hold you to account, ‘President Bush said last week in Charleston, South Carolina

It didn’t take long for the FBI to make good on that promise. A week after hauling in adelphia Communication’s frail, white-haired founder, John Rigas, and two of his sons  if they were armed and dangerous, FBI agents gave former WorldCom executives Scott Sullivan and David Myers the same star treatment, parading the handcuffed quarry in an early-morning prep walk and prompting Sullivan’s lawyer to complain about “the unfair taint of the current political climate.”

“We didn’t have anything to do with it,” a senior administration official says of the high-profile collars. “But of course they’re a big help. It means the system is working, and that helps with [investor] confidence. “If so, that wasn’t reflected in the stock market, which swooned on Thursday and Friday.

Arrests and indictments don’t necessarily result in convictions – think back to the Wall Street scandals of the 1980s. But for now, with mid-term congressional elections looming and control of the House and Senate at issue, that’s almost beside the point. Nor is the spectacle over. The House Energy and Commerce Committee in particular is contemplating more hearings later this year, with an invitation list that might include everyone from Global Crossing to Imclone, a committee source told TIME. And as Democratic opponents seize on the White House’s cozy links to corporate America – and especially to Harken Energy and Halliburton – the Bust administration seems to believe that the best defense is a full-scale offensive.

Though by far the most visible, the WorldCom duo wasn’t the only prey: telecom firm Qwest, already under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), is close to restating the past three years of earnings by more than $1 billion; apparel maker Warnaco is now in the SEC’s cross hairs; and prosecutors were driving a hard bargain in plea negotiations with Imclone’s ex-CEO Samuel Waksal, insisting that he accept at least seven years in prison on insider – trading charges and declining to spare his family members from prosecution.


241. According to the passage, the American government is going to 

a.       make Saddam Hussain’s future  think about his uncertain future.

b.       make sure Saddam Hussain’s future remains uncertain.

c.       follow the example of alleged evil doers everywhere

d.       punish corporate crime expeditiously and decisively.

242.  President Bush has warned corrupt businessmen that his officials will

I.       track down criminals

II.      detain them

III.     verify transactions

a.       I only

b.       III only

c.       I and II only

d.       I, II and III 

243.  Which of the following statements best conveys the overall idea of the passage?

a.       Too many businessmen are being too hastily prosecuted.

b.       Like Saddam Hussain, Big Business is in trouble.

c.       Electronic accounting systems have proved their inadequacy.

d.       Western business ethics have never been exemplary.

244. The FBI has fulfilled the president’s warning by doing all of the following except

a.       hauling in of John Rigas and his two sons

b.       arrest of World Com executives.

c.       Public display of men in handcuffs.

d.       Confiscating their movable and immovable properties.

245. The stock market swooned on Thursday and Friday despite 

a.       senior officials having high profiles collars.

b.       Thursday and Friday being auspicious days.

c.       Claims that the system works in creating investor confidence

d.       Big help forthcoming from big business sources.

246.  The wall street scandals of 1980s show that

a.       midterm congressional dictions delay arrests

b.       House and Senate members have immunity

c.       Getting conviction is the hardest part of prosecution

d.       Even spectacles can be incriminating evidence.

247. The passage states that the House Energy and Commerce Committee

a.       is preparing a list of invitations to a party

b.       plans postponements due to hearing problems

c.       has started investigating Global Crossing and In Clone

d.       regards TIME as a reliable source of information.

248. In order to deal with the situation the present American government wants to 

a.       offer copy hospitality in the White House

b.       seize Democratic Party members if they oppose

c.       hire Harken Energy and Hallibuton to placate them

d.       adopt an active rather than a passive form of law enforcement.

249. More than a billion dollars as discrepancy in their accounts relates to 

a.       World Com

b.       Quest

c.       Warnaco

d.       ImClone

250.  In this passage, full-scale means

a.       the same size

b.       complete and thorough

c.       metric system

d.       imperial  system


By A MOTHER’S STANDARDS, ANDREA De Cruz didn’t need to lose weight. But show business imposes strict requirements on appearance, and when the dial on the Singaporean TV actress’s bathroom scales spun to more than 48 kilos, de Cruz started taking a Chinese diet pill named Slim 10 that she purchased from a colleague. Two months later, de Cruz, 28, was near death unconscious in a hospital in Singapore. Doctors at first were baffled. But they came to suspect that an ingredient in the diet drug had ravaged her liver, which had all but shut down.

De Cruz’s life was saved by an emergency transplant after her finance’, actor Pierre Pug, donated half his own liver. She now takes immunosuppressant, which keep her body from rejecting the transplant but leave her weak and vulnerable to further illness. She’s wary of planning her wedding to Prig, more than a year away, fearing she may not survive that long. “I feel I’m still living a nightmare,” she says. She is, at any rate, still living. In June, fellow Singaporean Selvarani Raja, a 43-year-old logistics manger at Singapore Technologies, died from liver failure. She had started taking the same diet supplement, Slim 10, in April.

With body consciousness increasingly becoming an obsession, Asians are overgrazing the smorgasbord of weight-loss products and “miracle” diet aids, ranging from “fat reducing” pressurized boots to expensive massage regimens. Nobody knows how many are buying untested products of dubious efficacy-certainly consumers number in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Some, however, are proving to be deadly. Over the past two years, seven women in Japan, Singapore and China have died due to the toxicity of the substances they ingested in the hope of shedding offending kilograms. From differing ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds and ranging in age from 16 to 60, the women had one thing in common: like De Cruz, they were all taking Chinese-made diet pills containing a variant of fenfluramine, an appetite suppressant that has been banned in the U.S. since 1997 for damaging heart valves. Doctors and health officials in Asia now believe the newer compound, called N-nitroso fenfluramine, can cause liver failure.

The deaths- as well as more than 600 illnesses linked in Japan  to Chinese diet pills – have alerted health authorities to a hazard they have been almost powerless to stop. Similar drugs were implicated  in deaths in China last year, with scores more falling ill in Korea and Hong Kong, Japan last month banned 24 types of Chinese diet drugs – many containing N-nitrosofenfluramine – and rushed through new laws placing the burden on importers to prove product safety or face a fine of up to $26,000. Just last week, health officials in China published a ban on 13 diet products, seven of which were found to contain fenfluramine.

251. According to the passage, the show business

a.       makes employees appear on time for work

b.       fixes watch dials of TV actresses, especially in Singapore.

c.       Disapproves of actresses who weigh more than 48 kilos.

d.       Provides diet pills through the agency of colleagues.

252. Andrea de Cruz became seriously ill after

a.       her bathroom scale showed increase of weight

b.       a diet pill damaged her health

c.       the spinning of the dial disoriented her              

d.       quarreling with a colleague named slim

253. The doctors who treated Andrea

a.       baffled her with questions from the beginning

b.       had only vague suspicions which they did not reveal

c.       surmised that her liver was damaged by a diet drug

d.       ordered her to stop work, and to take

254. Andrea’s life was saved by Pierre Png, who.

a.       offered to buy a liver for transplant surgery.

b.       Financed her operation by selling half his own liver.

c.       Saved her life by performing surgery himself.

d.       Agreed to have half his liver transplanted to her.

255. Immunosuppressant have the effect of 

a.       preventing the rejection of transplanted organ

b.       weakening the function of transplanted organ.

c.       making her weakness disappear temporarily

d.       strengthening her immunity to diseases

256. The wedding of Andrea De Cruz to Pierre Png

a.       took place a year before

b.       was postponed by a year

c.       cannot last for more than a year

d.       will hopefully take place in a year

257. The fate of Selvarani Raja was to 

a.       work for 43 years as logistics manager

b.       manage the medical unit of Singapore Technologies

c.       die in June from liver failure

d.       go bankrupt from drug addiction

258. In this passage, the word regimens means

a.       methods of health improvement

b.       military formations

c.       bureaucratic rules

d.       royal privileges

259. In the passage, the word toxicity means

a.       sweetness

b.       expense

c.       quality of being poisonous

d.       degree of intoxication

260. Diet drugs have caused death in

I.         China

II.       Korea

III.      Hong Kong

a.       I only

b.       III only

c.       I and II only

d.       II and III only.


The view was magical. Sitting by the window, aboard EK 542, the scene below seemed surreal. It was if the entire constellation of stars had descended down in flashy, shimmering grab, on their special night out. They were at their twinkling best, refusing to let the city sleep. But, why would anyone want to do that anyway?

After all, it was the season of the Dubai Shopping Festival ...

With an inexplicable excitement surging within me, I could tell that this was what I had anticipated when I decided to treat myself to a vacation, away from the mundane chores of everyday life.

With a pulse rate that matched the diabolic speed of the aircraft, I turned away from the brilliance below only when we slid to a graceful halt. With anxious thoughts of what the Immigration and Customs formalities involved, I quickly collected my hand baggage from the overhead locker, and saw myself out of the aircraft. "Fly, Buy, Dubai", informed a banner, as I covered what seemed like miles and miles of distance. Did me good, in a way, slackened my stiff bones and cramped nerves. 

I had heard about Dubai's unique formula of treating its visitors right, but was least prepared for all the fuss and attention, and the kind, enquiring glances. Why were they being so nice to me? Was it writ all over my face that I was first time visitor to their city, with my nerves in top gear? Did I look lost, in need of assistance? Pulling myself together, I returned the smile that told them that I really could manage, thank you!

I followed the overhead signs, and sailed through the "Visit Visa" counter, up over the escalator, and into the customs and Immigration queue. Using the waiting time to look around, my heart did a little jig, yet again. Was this really the Airport Immigration hall or had I walked into a ship, and happening party room? There were colourful streamers, buntings, and banners everywhere. "Dubai Shopping Festival - One World, one Family, One Festival", they said. There was music floating in the air, happy faces all around, and festoons flying in gay abandon.

"This way, ma'am," said a deeply accented voice, close to me. Finally, it was judgment time. What if something was amiss with my papers? Would I be allowed entry or told to turn around? While the lady scrutinised the documents, I stole a glance at her. Elegantly turned out, I noticed her adjusting the black headscarf ever so often. She was not the fierce looking officer that I had imagined a few moments ago. And, she asked none of those awful questions that I had imagined. "Welcome to Dubai," she smiled. Phew... that was easy!

A few moments later, there I was skimming along the streets of Dubai with four whole days of pure exhilaration ahead of me...

Day 1

Deciding that I needed to get a feel of the place, I convinced my friends that I could take good care of myself. Equipped with a road map, ample local currency, and a good measure of adrenaline, I boarded the local bus to reach the Creek crossing. The simple wooden boat, the abra, was packed with people wanting to go to the other side of the city, the Diera side. The 10-minute trip, costing less than U.S. 20 cents, gave me a great feel of Dubai's coastline and skyline. My boatman, with whom I had struck a wonderful rapport by then, pointed out to the wooden dhows that were commonly used for trade. "Can carry 250 tons of cargo," he said, adding, "A dhow takes months to build, and can last for over a century!"

My next stop was the Bastakiya area, an old heritage site from the early 1900s. The wind towers, of which I had heard so much about, caught my attention. These rectangular structures sit on top of traditional flat roofed buildings, catching the slightest breeze and grueling the wind down into the structure. The earliest form of air-conditioning, I told myself. 

A call home to say all was well with the wanderlust woman, and a good hour of siesta fortified me for the evening ahead and this time my friends made sure that they came along. None of them, however, prepared me for what was in store. Come evening, the whole city wore the look of a spectacular fairyland, with a million bulbs illuminating the streets and shopping areas. Streets were jammed with cars, malls were crowded with shoppers, and the wayside cafes were filled with people experimenting various cuisines. Was this the same city that was historically known to be inundated with sand dunes? Was this that part of the world that sceptics once said was unsafe for women, and lone travellers? I had never felt more secure, more pampered.

My first evening in Dubai was spend trying to figure out its reputation of being "the shopping capital of the Middle East". Our first stop was the famous gold souk, a must see for every first time visitor. The display of gold satiated my thirst of a lifetime, the incredible offers, and the variety of designs, in bright, and while gold, in muted and coppery gold. After all, could any woman resist the lure of gold, however old?

The nearby spice souk, and antique bazaar, with its bustling ambience and overpowering aroma, beckoned us from around the corner. Leaving the scents and traditional sights behind us, we drove on to imbibe the tax-free shopping experience at some of the well-known malls. Jewellery, high fashion, electronics, carpets, handicrafts, books, sporting equipment, you name your choice, and it was there all under one roof. Amazing selections, at unbelievable prices. 

But this was, for real, and the Dubai Shopping Festival had made it all come true.

Day 2

Friday, the weekend holiday, was a day for togetherness. So, we headed towards the beach, for a morning of sunshine and sea spray. "Did you know that Dubai is one of the biggest adventure capitals in the world? "Oh really, prove it to me, I challenged.

I shouldn't have, because at the end of the morning , my limbs were beaten, and worn. But, I would do it all over again, if I had to.

I could hardly believe myself that I was actually going snorkelling, albeit with a guide. The children screamed with pleasure as they encountered sea creatures while floating over coral reefs. The spectacular UAE waters with breathtaking scenery offered an amazing avenue for water sports. Parasailing, diving, or just gliding over the ocean all add up to ensure an exhilarating experience.

Soaked to the skin with sunshine and moisture, our appetites lead us into an authentic Lebanese restaurant. Replete with hummous (ground chickpeas), muttabel (mashed aubergines), fattayer (hot bread stuffed with mild cheese, onions, and spinach), and zater (bread sprinkled with aromatic herbs), the mixed fruit cocktail added the right punch to our afternoon.

The lush, green parks invited us to take a stroll on the evening of day 2. The fare offered by Mumzar Park, Al Safa Park, and the Creek Park provided the children with hours of endless pleasure. With cartoon characters coming alive, toy trains weaving around the greenery and crocodiles and dolphins vying with each other for attention, the entire gamut of entertainment had the children craving for more. Luring our brat pack away, with ice-lollies and candyfloss, we parked ourselves on al Diyafah Street. While the men savoured aromatic strawberry and apple flavours out of their "shisha" pipes, we were content watching the others participating in this huge shipping marvel.

Day 3

A long, deep groan shook me out of my deep slumber. Was someone in pain? As I tried jumping out of my bed, I heard myself emit a similar sound; was I in pain too? A little into the morning saw all of us grimacing over our stiff bodies - the outcome of the previous day's water pursuits! A hot, tingling shower, and a hearty breakfast got us in shape again as we embarked on another shopping expedition. No guilt feelings here, not with such stupendous discounts, prizes, and give-aways! With attractions like Lexus cars, kilos of gold, and airline tickets being dangled before every dirham that was spent, I needed little goading to splurge. And, before I knew it, I was the proud possessor of a zillion raffle coupons! Enticing the children to fill them up for me. I decided to chill out with an iced lemonade.

By now, the local spirit had inspired me enough to don a baya, and a headscarf. Looking, every inch an Arab woman, I decided to step into the act completely. And the stage where I decided to play the part was at the Heritage and Diving Village. With a generous dose of "Salaam Vlaikum", and "Shukran", I became one of the many local women, imbibing their customs. Photographs edifying the country's past, showcases of Arabian horses, falconry, and vintage cars had me rooted to the venue.

And, just as my friends and I were about to leave for the Global village, there was a sudden deluge of brilliant colours, and all faces turned upwards to witness a spectacular fireworks display.

The Global Village. There was a surprise at every corner. Over 30 countries had their presence there, and within a few hours, I had travelled between Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Morocco. While Pakistan beckoned us with its antique wooden chests, Turkey had me mesmerised with its flying dervishes. While my senses succumbed to the  Indian fire-eaters, I raced to watch the rickshaws and road shows

The icing on the cake was the awe-inspiring "Aqua Fantasia" at the nearby Creek Park. There aren't enough words to describe the brilliant display of light and water, responding to the many moods of music. With the cool night air wafting through us, we witnessed the versatility of technological innovation in silent joy.

Come midnight, I stepped out of my Arabic role, and felt like Cinderella after the Ball.

Day 4

With a cup of warm suleimani (black tea), I sat overlooking the green lawns. Reflecting on the last few hours in Dubai, I felt that I couldn't have asked for a better getaway, with limitless avenues for leisure and pleasure. I spotted two tickets lying on the coffee table... the "Dubai World Cup", they said. Wasn't that the world's richest horse race held at Nad Al Sheba? Of course, I wouldn't be around to bet on a favourite filly, neither would I be able to watch the 'stars' come down during the Dubai Tennis Open, or catch Tiger Woods in action at the Dubai Desert Classic. Sigh! You can't possibly have it all.

Indecisive as to where to head for lunch, we decided on a fusion restaurant to cater to everyone's tastes. We settled for combinations of Cajun, Japanese, and Tai flavoured dishes, blended with Mediterranean selections. The cuisine melded perfectly with our mood.

My last evening in dear Dubai ... Refusing to be bogged down by thoughts of leaving this fantasyland, I joined the gang on a desert safari. The drive over the bumpy, undulating terrain sparked a hysterical spasm in me, and I just couldn't stop giggling. I felt a sense of freedom I had never experienced before. Vistas of open land, glistening mirages far ahead, the sky and the sand did a panoramic dance. Sitting atop the gaudily dressed camel took me to the top of the world, I was the master of all I surveyed! The warmth from the barbecue coals enveloped the cold night, the swaying, slender belly dancer fired everyone's hearts. I refused to part with the night.

As the next day dawned, it was time to check in not just a hoard of goodies, but a baggage full of happiness, and unchecked emotion. Promising to meet at the same time, same place next year, I walked towards the Customs counter.

"Dubai, the city that cares" assured a banner. I knew how true that was

"Hey, got to get the Millennium Millionaire raffle coupon," squealed a voice somewhere. I followed, headlong ... the fun is never over, is it?

P.S: If you're tempted to go the way I did, just log on to, and find out all there is to know about the biggest, brightest, and longest festival this side of the globe.

261. With what earlier opinion did the author proceed to Dubai?

a. that it is an oil rich, costly place.

b. that it contained predominantly sound with no high rise buildings

c. that the city treated visitors right

d. that people there are not acquainted with English

262. How did the airport immigration hall look like to the author?

a. like an indoor basketball stadium

b. like a ship and happening party room

c. like a pressroom to be addressed by the US President

d. like a dance theatre


How was the lady officer at the checking point?

a. serious, serene, scornful

b. sweet, soft and slack

c. patient and polite

d. rude, harsh and unhelpful

264. Those two tourist spots called Creek crossing and Diera and connected by 

a. the abra

b. the dhow

c.  the steamer

d.  the road

265. In her visits, the wanderlust lady found rectangular structures which were at one time utilized for the  purpose of

a. road widening

b. paper cutting

c. blowing balloons

d. air conditioning

266. What, according to the author, is a must visit for every first time comer to Dubai?

a. the skyscrapers

b. the water sports

c. the delicious cuisine

d. the gold souk

267. What caused stiff bodies for the visitors to Dubai?

a. the Cool food items they ate

b. the painful rides on elephants

c. the serious items of gymnastics

d. the previous days water pursuits

268. The author desired that she herself should be a hundred percent Arab woman. How does  she dress  herself?

a. with a long gown and local hair style

b. with goggles and face maek up

c. with an abaya and a headscarf

d. with shinning shoes

269. The author, at one stage says that there are not enough words to describe. What was the scene about?

a. fast races of horses

b. the author won a zillion coupons in raffle

c. the sky and the sand did a panoramic dance

d. the brilliant display of lights on water

270. Talking of Dubai, the world's richest horse race is held at a place called

a. Nad Al Sheba

b. Bastakiya area

c. Global Village

d. Desert classic

End of Section IV